I’m an APECS Accredited Master Executive Coach with over 20 years experience who has helped hundreds of senior managers, directors and C-Suite executives undergo transformative change and growth, both personal and organisational.

I work in three key areas:


With leaders who want to transform the culture in their team and/or organisation.


With teams who may be made up of brilliant individuals but don’t show the same performance at a team level, helping them become high performing teams.


With leaders who are stuck in some way, maybe blocked in their career, helping them get rid of roadblocks to their success.

My Mission

My mission is to help leaders and leadership teams develop and grow so they can make an even bigger difference for themselves, their people and society. My role is helping others be more free and able to have happier, successful, and more worthwhile lives.

What is Courageous Development?

At its core, it is:

Having an experienced coach to support you in looking into your blindspots and taking action to address what is discovered there.

Being willing to have your perspectives and decisions fully challenged, when you may be at a level where that just doesn’t happen any more.

Having a partner to help in addressing those issues or behaviours that you’ve known for a long time exist, and you’re not happy about them, but you still haven’t changed anything.

Having the courage to sit in a space of personal reflection for long enough for valuable insights to appear.

 For teams it is:

Facing up to not being a high performing team, or even just a team.

Bringing an outsider in that will challenge the whole team including the leader.

Having those conversations together that you’ve all been avoiding so far.

Doing what needs to be done so you can have trust and feel safe opening up in front of your peers.

My experience

 My coaching is built on many years of commercial experience in the technology, media and telecoms sectors. Graduating from Edinburgh University with a BSc in Psychology, I started a thirteen-year sales career working for both large multinationals and smaller start-up ventures, where my expertise was building strategic relationships and breaking into new markets. My last commercial role was a start-up, developing an online joint venture with one of the world’s largest publishing houses.

I made the transition to coaching leaders and teams in 2001, and have since developed a multidisciplinary, client-centred approach with a strong foundation in psychology and neuroscience. Clients tell me that they value my practical and pragmatic approach.

I’m a member of the Association of Coaching and subscribe to their joint global code of ethics. Like any professional executive coach, I undergo regular supervision.


If you’d like to talk more about how coaching can help in your organisation then please do get in touch.


I have a strong track record of delivering measurable results, but don’t take my word for it.
Here are some client quotes of business benefits delivered:


“Impact on relationships has been immeasurable. I estimate several hundred thousand dollars of extra value, in reduced resource duplication, speed to market, and lower cost early stage modifications.”

“We’ve released tens, if not hundreds of millions ($) of additional value because of the coaching.“

“We’ve delivered more in six months than in the previous two years, despite being in a heavy period of change. On a very straightforward analysis, we’ve saved £1.9m in 9 months.”

“Improvement in CRM performance – currently running at 5% over target. Approval for additional investment in transformation programmes of £14m with benefits of £48m over 5 years.”