“Gregor brings valuable insights in professional and career development. He will challenge your perspectives in the best way- prompting growth and new ways of thinking. I highly recommend working with him to strengthen your professional and personal effectiveness.” 

Jo Fuller

Director, Global Performance Solutions, American Express

“I found it inspirational working with Gregor. His coaching and advice has given me a true injection of energy which in turn has resulted my ideal outcome – career progression.” 

Paul Dolan

Head of Specialist Solutions, Wincanton

“Gregor is an excellent leadership coach, one of the best I have ever worked with. His skills and knowledge are second to none, he really gets under the skin to help you develop to become a better manager and leader. If you are looking for a coach….then look no further.”

Ian Day

Deputy Editor, Yorkshire Post

“There is no doubt that the group sessions that you have run at Aspect, have made a very positive impact with regard to culture and individual positive performance. Your attention to detail and your ability to tune into our needs is excellent.” 

Simon King-Cline

Director, Aspect Ltd

“Gregor is great to work with as a coach. His extensive knowledge of how to improve performance in people, coupled with a very approachable personality, get excellent results. He is proactive, enthusiastic and always learning about new tools and techniques that he introduces when appropriate in his coaching sessions.” 

Deb Hankins

Deputy Director, Department for Work & Pensions

“Gregor has a way of working and a way of utilising his intellect and experience, which produce great results. He ran a workshop for a change team and helped the team, and the business, develop enhanced relationships and produce better results. His knowledge and understanding of people is well worth the money.” 

Penny Illston

Group HR Director, Comet Group

“The coaching program with Gregor really opened my eyes to a whole new way of relating to people. My ability to lead and influence has increased significantly due to this. I also appreciated the bespoke approach and his pragmatic ‘no-nonsense’ approach.” 

Kean Crispin

National Sales Manager, Teleflex


Editorial Leadership Team, National Media Organisation

The challenge was to build a high performing team within a traditionally ‘stove-piped’ company that could collaborate across organisational boundaries, innovate together and implement a national change program to drive consistency across the company.

Successful implantation of change program and multiple new collaborations effective across the company. 

“The team would never have been able to achieve what they have without you being there.”
Group HR Director

Head of Commercial Strategy, Mining Sector


Driving strategic change and releasing value through merging global operations.


The organisation was six months ahead of where they thought they would be and the coaching was identified as having released tens if not millions ($) of additional value.

Head of Business Practice, Finance Sector


Ineffective influencing and management styles were blocking further career progression and having a detrimental effect on employee engagement.


“On a very straightforward analysis we’ve saved £1.9m in 9 months. Because of the more collaborative approach, more changes have been delivered than in the previous two years, despite being in a heavy period of change.” – Promotion to Director. 

Business Unit Director, Logistics


Relationships with executive peers and career uncertainty.


Significant change in leadership style, transformation of relationship with peers and CEO. Successfully led large scale business transformation while increasing employee engagement. Short-term profit improvements of £2m.

Global Sales & Marketing Director, Medical Products


Post-merger integration requiring more effective collaboration and enhanced influencing skills.


Enhanced collaboration: “Impact on relationships has been immeasurable”;

Effective integration: “I estimate several hundred thousand dollars of extra value, in reduced resource duplication, speed to market, and lower cost early stage modifications”.

Vice President, Finance Sector


Development of a more inspirational leadership style (as opposed to control based management)


Significant development of self-awareness, leading to change of approach and style. Marked increase in employee engagement. Promotion to Vice President.

CEO, Insurance


Established CEO who hated presenting but had to present inspirationally to large global audiences. The goal was to move from a self-reported ‘awkwardness’ on stage to a confident inspirational style.


Successful keynote speaker to global conference and judged he had moved to the upper quartile of presenters.

* Identities have been withheld to maintain confidentiality