Coaching at its heart is about unleashing the potential that individuals and teams have. It’s a process by which the coach acts as a catalyst for clients so that they can be better than they already are – to perform at a higher level whatever that may mean. Every single coaching engagement is different so it’s really important to speak with prospective coaches because the right chemistry has to be there. The site is here so you can find out more about Courageous Development ahead of an exploratory conversation. I hope we can speak about making progress on whatever challenges you may have.

Giving you the support and challenge you need so you can provide better leadership for yourself and your people – within a safe and confidential space.


Enabling teams to become high performing units of innovation and collaboration in a highly sustainable way.


I’m really excited about these cards – they are the product of our decades of combined experience working as executive coaches. We use these questions ourselves in our coaching practice and we have specially selected those that we believe will make a noticeable difference to the conversations you have with your team and the conclusions you draw around your own self-development.