“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult”

Warren Bennis

What is a leadership coach for but to help you on that most challenging of journeys, to become yourself and in doing so become an even better leader?

You may already be a very good leader but you want to be great. Not for your ego’s sake but in order that the people under your charge can achieve even greater ends, and do so with means that you can all be proud of. That is why I am here as a coach, to partner with you on that journey of self-discovery


I work developmentally – what does that mean?

Development is both horizontal and vertical. Horizontal development is about getting better at what you do already and involves gaining more knowledge and skills. Vertical development is about who you are being and how you grow into a better leader by being able to embrace and embody new perspectives. Metaphorically, horizontal development is like adding more apps on your phone, which can be useful, but vertical development is more, like upgrading to a more sophisticated and powerful operating system.

I work with a tool called the Leadership Development Profile (LDP),

which is well established as a roadmap for understanding adult vertical development and its vital role in leadership. We can map where a leader is now and modify the approach accordingly. Our brains continue to develop in complexity throughout adulthood. Developmental coaching involves deliberately accelerating those changes in order to expand leaders’ minds and transform their capabilities.

I also prefer a systemic approach.

No leader exists within a vacuum. Leaders function within a system of stakeholders and without taking the system into account we can’t deliver the best outcomes. With this in mind, part of my coaching involves undertaking stakeholder interviews, so my client receives confidential feedback and I get a much better understanding of the system within which they function.

I draw upon an extensive range of psychological tools and methodologies,

to enable the required development but I’m proud the feedback I get from clients is that they appreciate a coaching approach which isn’t abstract, but pragmatic and practical.

At the end of the coaching, I conduct an impact appraisal
which captures the impact the coaching has had for you and the organisation.
I can provide an up to date summary of how clients have assessed my coaching on request.


Here are some of benefits clients tell me they’ve gained through our coaching:

Improved leadership and management skills

Significantly improved working relationships

Increased self-awareness and better emotional self-control

Increased resilience and confidence

Career progress (be that a promotion or increased responsibility)

Better communication and influencing skills and enhanced ability to enable change

Better work/life balance

Inspired and motivated teams

Enhanced strategic agility

Improved employee engagement

Better (and faster) decision-making

Let’s have a conversation

“Gregor provided superb insight, challenge, support and advice as a coach. He has a flexible approach which allowed us to explore a huge range of topics and develop genuinely meaningful and practical outcomes which I could easily apply in my day to day activities. I found the whole coaching programme with Gregor hugely motivating, challenging and ultimately rewarding.”

John Eastwood

Head of Commercial Strategy, Anglo American