Example Engagements

Editorial Leadership Team, National Media Organisation
Challenge: The challenge was to build a high performing team within a traditionally ‘stove-piped’ company that could collaborate across organisational boundaries, innovate together and implement a national change program to drive consistency across the company.
Outcomes: Successful implantation of change program and multiple new collaborations effective across the company. “The team would never have been able to achieve what they have without you being there” Group HR Director

Head of Commercial Strategy: Mining Sector
Challenge: Driving strategic change and releasing value through merging global operations.
Outcomes: The organisation was six months ahead of where they thought they would be and the coaching was identified as having released tens if not hundreds of millions ($) of additional value.

Head of Business Practice: Finance Sector
Challenge: An overly aggressive and adversarial influencing style was blocking further career progression and having a detrimental effect on employee engagement.
Outcomes: “On a very straightforward analysis we’ve saved £1.9m in 9 months. Because of the more collaborative approach, more changes have been delivered than in the previous two years, despite being in a heavy period of change.” Promotion to Director.

Business Unit Manager: Finance Sector
Challenge: Development of a more inspirational leadership style (as opposed to control based management)
Outcomes: Significant development of self -awareness, leading to change of approach and style. Marked increase in employee engagement. Promotion to Vice President.