The Coaching Question Podcast is for people interested in personal development. People interested in being the best version of themselves, or, in helping to positively impact on other’s development in order to drive performance. Coaching isn’t just for the Executive or Leadership team.  Anyone and everyone at any age or stage of their career can benefit from being really listened to, supportively challenged and empowered to take meaningful action.

We will be sharing stories about how coaching has been transformational for our clients and talk about some of the models, theories and tools that we find useful in our work. We’ll discuss the different applications of coaching and explore when coaching is the best intervention to use.  

We believe that coaching creates a ripple effect. The more coaching that takes place in organisations, the greater the impact it can have not only on the individual, but the organisation and ultimately, society as a whole.

Join us for a fun, lively and thought provoking discussion!