gregorfindlayMy mission is to helping leaders be the best they can be so they make the biggest positive impact on their people and society.  I help people develop awareness such that they can be free and able to make much better choices for themselves in their work and careers.  My intent is for my individual clients to have happier, more successful and worthwhile lives.  I’m also passionate about helping leaders build great leadership teams.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching leaders and leadership teams since 2001 when I decided that what I’m best at, and what I get the greatest kick out of, is helping people.  I’ve worked across a whole variety of sectors, from manufacturing to mining, from telecoms to finance.  Much of my 1:1 work has been around transitions.  For example, a CTO new to the company, and new to being a board member; a functional lead transitioning to CEO of Europe; and many leaders where the company wants to promote them but some quality is still to be developed.  I’m now spending more and more of my time coaching leadership teams together which can be hugely gratifying.

In teams, a common factor is a group of highly talented individuals that can deliver amazing results individually but can’t harness this power as a team.  My goal is to help leaders build great leadership teams that fully harness the potential that is usually unrealised.

People ask me about my ‘coaching model’.  I have a huge array of techniques and tools to draw from but what really matters is the quality of relationship and trust that can be developed.  Nothing trumps that. The foundation of my coaching is a positive belief in people and their capacity for transformation.  As humans, we have incredible capacities when we find the right ways to release our potential.  Clients need a trusted space where they can explore their thinking fully and it’s my job as a coach to create that.

This belief is combined with a comprehensive knowledge of psychology and neuroscience.  People make decisions across the whole span of their lifetimes, many of which they are unaware of.  These unconscious assumptions and habitual attitudes limit them in their potential and in some cases, derail them from their careers.  Bringing these into our awareness gives us new choices and new possibilities.  Recent research in neuroscience and positive psychology also gives new tools we can use to better enable our leadership.

Its important to me that whatever I do, those changes are sustainable and this is why a systemic perspective is needed.  There is no meaning without context and without bringing this context into the room, it is unlikely our work will have a meaningful and long-term impact for the organisation.  Today’s leaders have huge challenges to surmount and coaches need to help bring a systemic view to their clients.


These are the three essentials that make up the foundation of my coaching practice.

I comply with the joint code of ethics defined by the Association of Coaching & European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Qualifications and affiliations

APECS Accredited Executive Coach
Member of the Association of Coaching
Associate Member British Psychological Society
Accredited: Stakeholder Centered Coaching with Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith
NLP Master Practitioner
Insights Discovery®
MBTI® (Step I & II)
BSc Biological Sciences with an Honours in Psychology