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Are you ready for the next stage in your leadership journey? You know that to continue your growth the sort of learning you’ve relied on to date won’t suffice. The next part of the journey for further development is on the inside, not the outside. This calls not only for deeper reflection, but to work with someone who can both support you and stretch you on that journey. That’s what I’m here for as a coach.

gregor findlay

I think it’s probably one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Gregor doesn’t come up with solutions for you. What Gregor does is help you explore yourself and find the answers from within. Would I have found out some of the things I found out about myself without Gregor?  Probably not. I’d still be operating somewhat in the dark.

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How can I help you?

The most powerful thing I do for leaders, is to help them develop certain critical capacities. By doing this work, clients can more positively impact their own leadership, personal satisfaction, and the culture of their teams and organisations. If that journey of discovery interests you, then please book an exploratory conversation with me.

Who do I work with?
  1. With individuals who are interested in a deeper exploration of themselves such that they can reach new heights.
  2. With leaders who want to transform the culture of their team and/or organisation.
  3. With leadership teams who need to become high performing teams rather than groups of high performing individuals.
How can we work together?

I offer coaching for individuals and leadership teams, as well as online courses. Want to know more about how we can work together? Book a call below.

About Gregor Findlay

I’m an APECS Accredited Master Executive Coach with over 20 years experience who has helped hundreds of senior managers, directors and C-Suite executives undergo transformative change and growth, both personal and organisational.

My mission is to help leaders and leadership teams develop and grow so they can make an even bigger difference for themselves, their people and society. My role is helping others be more free and able to have happier, successful, and more worthwhile lives.

gregor findlay

“Culture starts with the capacities of leaders and leadership teams”

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