Coaching at its heart is about unleashing the potential that individuals and teams have. It’s a process by which the coach acts as a catalyst for clients so that they can be better than they already are – to perform at a higher level whatever that may mean.

Coaching cards

My colleague and podcast co-host, Sarah Turner and I have collaborated to create a set of coaching question cards for managers and leaders. These are designed to help you engage in deeper, more meaningful development conversations. As you would expect, many are for you to ask your direct reports in one to one conversations, but others are intended for your own self-reflection and development, some are suitable for both. 


The Coaching Question Podcast is for people interested in personal development.  People interested in being the best version of themselves, or, in helping to positively impact on other’s development in order to drive performance.

Coaching for Leaders and Leadership Teams

Giving you the support and challenge you need so you can provide better leadership for yourself and your people – within a safe and confidential space.


Enabling teams to become high performing units of innovation and collaboration in a highly sustainable way.

How can coaching help you and your organisation?

  • Learn to identify exactly where talent could be best helped by coaching.
  • Be clear on the factors to consider when choosing a coach and the different elements of a coaching package.
  • Learn more about the benefits of coaching and how it increases productivity, improves quality, increases revenue and develops the future leaders of your company.
  • Case studies covering 12 different coaching applications from helping with career transitions to dealing with negative behaviour.

Hundreds of Leaders and Teams Helped to Reach New Heights

Leadership & Team Coach

Gregor is an APECS accredited leadership and team coach with over 20 years experience who has helped hundreds of senior managers, directors and C-Suite executives undergo transformative change, both personal and organisational. My mission is to help leaders and leadership teams maximise their potential so they in turn make the biggest positive difference for themselves, their people and society.

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